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Warren Buffet: A highly regarded investor

Rich & Famous
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By Mina Hessel

September 19, 2021

Warren Buffet is a well-known investor who has built his wealth through smart investments. His investment strategy focuses on buying companies that have good fundamentals and have been around for a while. He also looks to invest in industries with little competition, which allows the company to charge higher prices without losing customers. Warren Buffett has a reputation for wise investment decisions. While he has made some bad choices in the past, overall his decisions have been extremely successful.

Here are a few of his well-known investment advice


Only invest in what you know

Investing in what you know is one way to avoid investment mistakes. If you work for a company, you are familiar with their operations and how they generate revenue. It is not prudent to invest in a business that you are unfamiliar with. A business should be able to articulate in simple terms how it generates revenue.

When You Invest; Have a Long Term Mindset

When you buy a stock, you intend to keep it forever. If you’re not thinking long-term, don’t bother investing, advises Warren. One of the reasons you should think long-term is that it is difficult to find a company with a promising long-term future. Furthermore, quality businesses earn high profits over time, but time is always a factor. Many factors can influence stock prices over time, and you don’t want to be on the losing end. Then, if you buy and sell stocks on a regular basis, you are limiting your returns. You’re better off buying a stock and waiting.

Diversification Is Risky

Warren believes in buying multiple stocks or mutual funds from the same industry. He invests with conviction in any idea he believes will be successful. According to Warren, “opportunity comes infrequently.” When it rains gold, bring out the buck, not the thimble.”

Most News Are Untrue and Not Fact

Every day, you receive financial news from a variety of sources. If you don’t watch TV, you’ll know about it through your inbox or word of mouth. While you should be a voracious reader of the news, you should also learn to pick and choose. Warren believes that the 99.9% – 1 rule should be followed. Only 1% of the financial news you hear should influence 99 percent of your investment decisions. Some information is provided to arouse your emotions and generate buzz. Do not be misled by the irrational behavior of your fellow stockholders. There is no such thing as a successful company that does not have negative news spread about it. As a result, you cannot let everyone’s opinion influence your investment decisions.

Know the Difference between Price and Value

People are overly concerned with a stock’s price rather than its long-term value. Stock prices can be more volatile than underlying business fundamentals. This means that there will come a time in the market when stock prices have no bearing on a company’s long-term prospects. While you are selling your stock, a lot of things can be put in place. Some people can even turn a bad situation around and come out stronger. According to Warren, “price is what you pay; value is what you get.”


Warren Buffett is a great example of how making good long-term investments decisions can help you live a better life. By making smart financial decisions, Buffett has built an empire that allows him to do whatever he wants. His success comes down to the fact that he always thinks about the long-term future when making his investment choices.


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