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This Mom Thought Her Son Was Becoming An Elitist and Decided To Teach Him A Hard Lesson

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By Adelle King

August 26, 2022

If you ever decide to wander into the depths of Reddit subpages, you might find yourself going into the Am I The A**hole subreddit.


Here, people get to post anonymously about interpersonal conflicts and allow other Reddit users to weigh in on the situation. Essentially, whole point is to ask whether they were actually the a**hole in a particular situation.

Now, in this recent post that has since gone viral, a mother asks Reddit to weigh on her decision to teach her son a lesson that seems to have polarized online followers. Here’s what happened.

The mother gives a brief backstory as she began to explain her predicament. According to the mother, she married her husband and started a family when they were really young.

At the time, they weren’t very well off and like many young couples, struggled financially. They eventually found their footing when their son, Matt was 9 years old. They both now earn significantly well, live in a beautiful, spacious home, and enjoy a fairly luxurious lifestyle.

Following Matt, who is now 18 years old, the couple eventually had two more children—a son who is now eight, and a daughter who is now five. As they work long hours and spend a lot of time at work, the couple decided to hire a nanny. The nanny, let’s call her May, is a 45 year old female who worked hard and became recognized as an integral part of the family.

When Matt turned 11, his parents acknowledged that their eldest went through a somewhat complicated personality change. At the time, they decided to put him a private school, where he was likely exposed to kids who were equally if not more privileged that he was.

It essentially brought out a very selfish and elitist side to his personality—one that was so obvious that his parents took notice and tried to do something about. It was difficult however as Matt was going through adolescence and teenage stubbornness. Instead of getting better, it felt like Matt’s personality was taking a turn for the worst.

By the time Matt turned 16, his parents decided it would be best to let him work part time so he could learn to take better financial responsibility. The move seemed to pull him back down to Earth. After his parents cut off a lot of his financial perks, this became the reality check needed to teach him a lesson.


For a while, all was well. Until the end of the pandemic. Like many families, the couple wanted to go on a big trip after the world started to recover from COVID-19. So the parents started planning for a big international holiday.


They decided however that instead of giving the nanny May time off, they would instead take her and her son with them on their holiday—all expenses paid and not require her to work.

Matt overheard the mother talking to her husband about their holiday plans and her plans to pay for a first class ticket for May and her son and threw a fit. “Why does she have to go on this trip and fly first class?” Matt demanded. “We’re already paying for everything! She should go on economy since she can’t afford first class to begin with.”


The mother was shocked. May was considered a valuable person in the family and was in fact considered an important part of it already. She went to explain that it was the least they could do for someone who gives up having time for her own child to take care of her kids.


Matt was defiant and stood his ground, but the mother didn’t agree. So she told Matt that she was booking him tickets for economy and he’d have to take back everything he just said if he wanted me to change it to first class.



It was the mother’s way to make him realize how privileged he was for having parents who could pay for luxury and comfort and it was the least they could do to share this with others. Matt shrugged it off thinking his mom was joking. Finally, the day of their trip came and when the family arrived at the airport, Matt finally realized that his mother’s threat was in fact real.

He threw an insane fit at the airport after realizing that he would have to fly 10 hours on coach—which meant he would be very uncomfortable throughout this long haul flight.

The nanny and her son, as promised, travelled comfortably with the rest of the family on the same flight in first class.

According to the mother, the flight was OK—but of course Matt was outraged that the mother stood her ground and let him fly coach through the entire journey. Her husband was supportive of her decision to teach Matt a lesson that the couple thought he really needed to learn.

However Matt’s grandparents thought that she went too far, which now made themother question whether she was indeed too tough on her eldest son.

Naturally, the entire Internet has a lot to say about this juicy story. Many were, as expected, supportive of the parents decision to teach Matt a painful lesson in humility and compassion. One Redditor commented “I’m sorry you have such an entitled son. Ask him why ‘almost torture’ would be fine for the nanny but not for him.”

u/Buttered_Crumpet09, another user, agrees. She argues that not only was Matt warned that he wasn’t flying first class, it was explained what he had to do to upgrade his seat. Matt was the one who chose not to do anything.

She adds: “if the grandparents are so upset, then they can pay for his upgrades and luxuries” towards the end. Another Reddit user agreed and offered additional parenting wisdom: Matt cannot tell you what you can and cannot do with your money. Of course not everything was going to give the parents support. One Reddit user said that it certainly makes it seem like her actions showed that she loves her nanny more than her own son.

“It is completely BS to tell the son that he has a financial responsibility to have to work for everything […] while you constantly throw around luxuries like multi-thousand dollar vacations for your employees.” What do you think? Was the mother indeed wrong for teaching her son this lesson?


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